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March 12, 2018 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Adult Blogs,,Reviews

This review is about is a sex/porn-content blog and social network system. According to their website, is meant to serve registered adult-businesses and individuals who would like to have a dedicated space in order to promote their adult-related products, services and discuss and advertise their sexual fantasies. features and functionalists are updated regularly. Therefore, it is very difficult to state what features are available in a single post. The best way to find features is to visit their FAQ pages. You can  start to read this post.


The administrative language of is in English. However, it’s blog’s and social media’s services are not limited to a particular part of the world and anyone regardless of their race, colour, location, language or gender is welcome to use services.


Blog’s and social media’s services of are free of charge and people and adult-businesses are not charged for using these services. Nevertheless, offers premium services such as: banner advertisements, page enhancements etc. For more information about premium services, please visit their website.