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Create an Adult Blog at:! is a free international adult social networking and blog platform for creating adult-content blogs with sexual-nature contents. There are many social network sites out there but there is no dedicated one for creating adult-related contents. provides you the opportunity to promote your adult-business site or your adult personal blog by building am unique blog. Since we are an adult-related social network community, all subscribers must be over 18 years of age.

By creating a blog you will get one of the following type of blogs:

Personal Blog

If you are an individual, you can use your blog as a personal blog and a social media page just like your Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking platform with one big distinction. Unlike all other social networks which are for the public, is specifically meant for adult-related contents. Therefore by creating a blog, you can easily attract your adult audience to your blog and share your sexual desires and fantasies. Furthermore, your blog offers a lot o features that none of the major social networking platforms provide.  For more information about your personal blog features and how does it look, please click here.

Business Blog

Accordingly, if you are a registered adult-business, you can use your blog in order to support your business regardless of its nature. This means whether your business runs on a website, as a shop or as a membership club, you can develop it via your blog.

In addition to the basic features that come with the personal blog, your business blog provides the following elements:

Banner Ads Campaign


In order to promote your products and services via an ad campaign, your blog offers you the ability to start a banner ads campaign. This suggests that you can insert and upload unlimited banner ads (with various sizes) into your posts and pages. You are in full control of your banner ads operation. In the adult industry world, advertising and selling via banner ads is a recognised way of making good money. After your successful registration for a business blog at, a dedicated plugin named ‘Banner Ads Rotator’ will be added to your business blog. Using this plugin is very easy and straightforward. However, if you could not manage it, you can always open a support ticket at our support centre and receive help.

eCommerce & Shopping Cart


By the application of a powerful shopping cart plugin, named WooCommerce, your blog  can become an online store in order to sell your adult products and services. You will manage your store in any way you like and do not share your profit with anyone. Deploying this selling feature of your blog is very simple and if you ever needed help, plenty of classes and tutorials are available online. Equally, we can offer support for this plugin at our support centre as well.

Selling via Affiliate Programs


Another great feature of your business blog is that it can enable you to sell your products and services via your own affiliate programs and links. This means that people can register at your blog and become an affiliate and make money by selling your merchandise. All of this is done through a powerful and a simple plugin called ‘Affiliates’. The affiliate plugin can be integrated with the WooCommerce shopping cart in order to provide a better service.

Finally, beside our support centre which provides assistance to our users, further tips and helps could be found at our forum.

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